Membership for Massage Services:

  • * Monthly cost $50
  • * One customized massage per month
  • * Additional massages and facials at low membership rates
  • * Flexible booking options
  • * Discounts on selected retail products

Customized your Massage:

Swedish Massage

A gently relaxing massage for the entire body using long gliding strokes to break up muscle knots, best for first timers due to its relaxing nature.Experience mental and physical relaxation, reduced pain and joint stiffness, improved circulation and improved range of motion.

Sports Massage

Uses appropriate levels of pressure that focus on relaxing overused muscle areas to increase flexibility, reduce fatigue and improve endurance. Helps prepare the body and mind for optimal performance.

Geriatric Massage

Uses a gentle touch to enhance blood circulation and improve overall wellbeing. This tender massage of soft tissue improves age-related ailments, combats depression, improves balance and flexibility, reduces pain of arthritis, and increases joint mobility.

Prenatal Massage (Prior Physician Authorization)

Reduces the stress and discomfort from pregnancy and enhances overall wellbeing for mother and baby. This gentle approach uses modified massage techniques to alleviate pain and discomfort and prepare for healthy delivery.

Deep Tissue Massage

A massage with more pressure and deeper muscle work to provide greater relief from chronic muscle pain. Experience comfort and improved flexibility.

Pediatric Massage

Pediatric massage uses gentle soothing touch to enhance wellbeing in infants and children. This massage uses soothing touch to create sense of security, promote better sleep, encourage confidence, improve digestion and stimulate brain function.

Additional Massage Services

Members         Non-Members

1 Hour $40 $70

1 ½ Hour $60 $90

2 Hour $80 $140

Enhancement Services

Members         Non-Members

Aroma Therapy $10 $15

Hot Stones $10 $15

Bamboo Fusion $10 $15

Candle Oil Massage $10 $15

Sugar Scrub $10 $15

Deep Tissue Therapy $15 $20

Couples Massage Workshop: Connecting through Touch

Couples Massage Workshop allows couples to establish a deeper connection through shared learning of massage techniques. Couples learn to give and receive massage treatments, reconnect and develop mindful awareness toward each other.

Duration: Approximate time of 2 ½ hours $200