Body Waxing

Services only available at certain locations, please call us for more information

If you’re tired of shaving or suffer from rashes from shaving, maybe it is time to consider waxing. Waxing offers several advantages to shaving. It lasts longer, since it remove hair from the follicles. It doesn’t cause nicks, cuts or scars, and produces smoother results since it removes the hair from the root, causing it to grow back slower.

Things You Need to Know About Waxing

The most common side effects associated with waxing are redness, stinging and slight irritation. Please, consult with your physician prior to your appointment if you have any conditions that might affect your skin. Also, please consult with an esthetician prior to any waxing appointment if you have been using Retin-A, Differin, Accutane or any oral or topical antibiotics in the last 6 months.

We encourage you to avoid waxing 3-4 days before or after your menstrual cycle. You are likely to experience increased sensitivity or discomfort during this time. We do not recommend waxing sunburned skin or if you have been in a tanning bed within 24 hours prior to or after waxing. Also, caffeine increases skin sensitivities. We recommend avoiding caffeine the day of your waxing appointment.

Taking an over the counter anti-inflammatory (ibuprofen) one hour prior to your appointment may help reduce redness or inflammation.

Brazilian $70.00+

Bikini Line $35.00+

Full Bikini $50.00+

Underarms $25.00+

Half Arms $30.00+

Full Arms $45.00+

Half Leg $45.00+

Full Leg $70.00+

Chest $30.00+

Shoulders $25.00+

Lower Back $30.00+

Back wax $50.00+

Stomach Strip $15.00+

Stomach $30.00+

Butt Wax $30.00+

Hand Wax $15.00+

Ears Wax $20.00+

Nose Bridge Wax $7.00+

Nose Wax $15.00+

Toes Wax $15.00+